Welcome to the course “IT Risk and Security”.

During those 7 sessions, you will learn :

1- What is an Information System and how it is currently closely related to Business ?

2- What is an IT risk and more specificaly a security risk over the Information System ?

3- How a company can deal with IT security ?


To do so, you will have to understand some specific IT and Business concepts, and achieve some computing challenges like create and manage a blog, design a A3 poster and produce a video !

It is a constructivist and collaborative work : you will build knowledge out of information available on the Internet and you will do it by group of (no more than) 3.

All those productions are expected for the 22th of december and you will have a mark on each of those assignments.


Do not forget to speak English most of the time ! This way, you practice and improve your English skills efficiently and more quickly! This will be taken into consideration!

I hope you will enjoy to learn those topics and good luck !

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