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Article 1 – Why BYOD Makes Sense: Thinking Beyond a Standardized

I was recently asked, “Why are you giving the teachers choice of a laptop? Why not just go all in with one device?” My answer, simply stated, is that homogenization of any tool is never a good idea in a context that is intended to foster creativity.

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Article 2 – 5 Reasons Why BYOD Is a Must for Your Company

As a business owner, do you allow your employees to follow the emerging trend of BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) Whenever they are on the road – do they use their own devices such as smartphones, tablets and laptops to keep updated on new business emails, work on company projects or a means to contact clients?

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Article 3 – Top 10 BYOD Risks Facing The Enterprise

Threats to the enterprise posed by an employee-owned mobile device can be as complex as a sophisticated malware attack designed to snoop on an employee’s browsing activity or as simple as a lost phone in a taxicab. The threats are forcing security teams to introduce new policies to reduce the risk. Enforcing them without impacting productivity is a balancing act. Experts say the first step is to understand the perceived risks and weigh them against the company’s security posture.

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