Session #0

Activity 1 – Blogging

In this first activity, you will create a blog in which you will write some pages and articles related to information systems and security.  I advise you to use the free blog service of but this is not compulsory. You can propose one of your own.

During session #1 to #3, you will :

1- get some topics to discover, using some ressources I will give you.

2- write articles or pages (as you wish) to answer the various questions,

3- create a quizz on what you will have produced with 5-10 questions, which will be embeded into your blog (for exemple, you can use Google form)

You are quite free regarding the way you can realize the different assignments, as long as it is all included in your blog. Half of your final mark is related to this blog, so make sure the final result is interesting, coherent and well organized.


Before starting de session #1 :

1- Choose a name for your blog and create it.

2- Register for the activity using the form below. 

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