Session #2

Information Security

For this second session, in one or various articles or pages included in your blog, you will answer those following issues :

1- What is information security?

2- How information security is a major stake for companies? Why a CEO should be very sensitive about this matter?

3- What can be the consequences? Can you find some case studies?

4- Is it compulsory for companies in France to protect their data by all means? What are the responsibilities of company regarding the law?


From now, with all the new concepts and vocabulary around security, it can be wise to add a glossary to your blog…


You still have to build a 5-to-10 questions quizz that you will embed in you blog. This quizz must first ask the name of the person who is going to answer the questions.

You can find in the menu, a list of ressources you can use for this work. You may have to look for more on the Internet.

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