Session #3

A matter of security

For this third and last blogging session, in one or various articles or pages included in your blog, you will answer those following issues :

1- What are the different kinds of attack a company can face? Can you find some case studies?

2- How can a company be protected?

3- How can employees be a voluntary or involuntary threat to information security?

4- What can be the consequences for employees who are voluntary or involuntary responsible for data lost or for having let something wrong happen?


A lot of new concepts and vocabulary in this session that you should add to your glossary


You still have to build a 5-to-10 questions quizz that you will embed in you blog. This quizz must first ask the name of the person who is going to answer the questions.

You can find in the menu, a list of ressources you can use for this work. You may have to look for more on the Internet.


Vocabulary around some attacks: Backdoor / Denial of service / dictionary attack / Intrusion / Malicious code / Virus / Trojan / Worm / Phishing / Social engineering / Packet sniffer / …

Vocabulary around some tools: backup / contingency plan / encryption / IDS / Firewall / Antivirus / Antispyware / Redundancy / Access control / Authentication / Non repudiation / …

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