Session #4

Activity #2 – Consulting


For this last activity, I want you to realize a consulting mission for a company regarding its security. Specifically, you must accompany them on methodological aspects and change management with employees.

To do so, you will produce three deliverables :

1- A one-page document that reminds the company the stakes of dealing with IT risk and security (pdf format required).

2- A A3 poster (pdf format required) explaining what is a security policy and the method to implement it.

3- A video dedicated to the employees to raise awareness about security issues and to give them the key things they should and shouldn’t do in the compagny (ie the security rules). This video must be available on the internet (on youtube for example) and should not last more than 20min. Keep it short and efficient !


All those productions are expected for the 22th of december. You will send an email with the two PDF files attached and the link to your video.

Half of your final mark is related to this mission, so make sure the final result is relevent and well-explained, and suit the needs of the company you chose.

No resources are provided for this activity. You are expected to find the material you need by yourself on the internet, as if you were really on a professional mission, with no extra-mean than yourself.


Before starting de session #4, choose the company you will be working on by registering on the doodle form, using the name of your group (first come basis !):

MIT Security


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